Tears of Fire Book Review

Tears of Fire by Gordon Bickerstaff This is another gritty and gripping political thriller from Gordon Bickerstaff. This is the second book I have read in the series but works as a standalone if you haven’t read any of the others. Zoe is a ex SAS soldier and ferocious opponent with a softer side and […]

The Mitford Murders Review

The Mitford Murders by Jessica Fellowes Having picked this one up at the Derby Book Festival where the author was speaking, I have to say that I loved it, particularly as I like historical fiction and a good cosy murder mystery. There is plenty of content to keep you interested as the story progresses introducing […]

Dawn Brookes Author

Review The Art of Healing

The Art of Healing Jeanne Felfe May 18th 2018 Review by Dawn Brookes A beautifully written romantic novel set in the USA, that has healing of past hurts at the centre. Julianne and Jokob are brought together by chance it would seem but they both have scars from previous relationships that are hard to bear. […]

Book Review First Dry Rattle

First Dry Rattle, Celia Boyd Review 16th May 2018 by Dawn Brookes An engaging and fearful look into the dark history encountered during the English Civil War. This book provides an insight into the chaos and mayhem that occurs when civil war breaks out. Tom Fletcher This first book in the series is set during the early […]

Book Review Sally

Sally, J. Schlenker Review of Sally by Dawn Brookes 8th April 2018 Although this is written as a novel, it is actually semi-biographical. The author found gaps in the story of this extraordinary lady and opted to fill these gaps with fictional accounts. It is a very interesting piece of family history and American history. […]