YA Fantasy

Oracus: The Lavorian Rider, Paul Gaskill

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Trilogy Book 1

This is the first book in a YA fantasy series following the escapades of a young man called Oracus. The plot is set in a fictional land called Pharia where a dark and evil king reigns through tyranny.

Oracus is oblivious to life outside of his village but following a surprise encounter he meets with his Lavorian and discovers he is a Rider. Riders, with the aid of their Lavorians, have special powers and Oracus has yet to discover what this means.

It is a story of friendship, bonding and war with so much more intertwined throughout as the book develops.

There are some plot twists that add to the story. It is a well-woven tale of a fantasy land involving heroes and heroines alongside human frailty and some interesting non-human characters too. Highly recommended. Suitable for aged 13 and over, adults will enjoy the read too, as I did.