A Few Bad Boys


The Fratelli family are a close knit unit, and for those who are loyal, they are well rewarded. To outsiders though, they are a family of gangsters to be avoided and feared.


Lucy Fratelli is just 19 and she has everything going for her except that she lives in fear. The reason for this is soon discovered by her best friend, Julie and then by the Fratellis. After this the family unit joins ranks to protect and defend Lucy and their own existence.

Mob Justice

While all of this is going on a big new deal is going down and one detective is determined to arrest Terry Fratelli and makes it his mission in life to hound the family.

Events unfold that see mob justice carried out which is not comfortable reading. Lucy is damaged but can she find new love? She discovers a dark side within herself that causes her even more distress when she allows it to take control.

Terry Fratelli, the father and protector of the family is determined to end the situation that has put his daughter and other members of the family in danger.

Detective Morgan is obsessed with bringing the family down but they seem to be able to run rings around him and are always one step ahead of him.

There are innocent children who have been born into this gangster family and one fears that they too will become London gangsters too.

A Page Turner

The plot is good except for some minor inconsistencies, but for a debut novel, this is a real page turner and I read it within a couple of days, in spite of it not being my usual reading genre. Although complete within itself, the ending leaves room for further books following the Fratelli family. If you like gangster stories, this book will appeal. It is a book for the over 18s in my opinion.