Dawn Brookes, Award winning, bestselling author

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Travel the world with Rachel Prince!

Rachel Prince Readers’ Favourite Moments

“The very first book is my special memory. The way she described everything on board the ship brought back the first time I boarded a cruise liner. I also like the special friendship between her and Marjorie. Have read the book several times and all the others in the series.”

“I’ve loved this series from the first page. l loved when Rachel and Marjorie met, and all the subsequent mysteries. I’m just getting ready to read thru the series again.”

“There are so many, but I loved when Rachel and Marjorie meet for the first time and how they become friends despite the age difference.” 

“I loved when she finally brought Carlos on board, and he helped her figure out a mystery, but the scenes in the exercise room (in another book), stuck in my memory many mysteries later!” 

“Rachel Prince is an amazing character and I’d love to meet her on a cruise one day!”

“These books have helped me through lockdown when I couldn’t cruise. I go back to them again and again.”

“Rachel Prince has helped me through some dark times with illness. Keep them coming.”

“I love how Rachel has developed and grown and how much depth there is to her character. I also love how she and Marjorie are with each other, and her best friend Sarah.”

“Every moment is special but I loved the Sikh character in Dying to Cruise.”  

“Rachel rescuing someone from the sea and nearly drowning herself was a special moment. I love how she has faith and isn’t afraid to say so.”

“Rachel’s fitness fanaticism and jogging make her different from the usual emotionally challenged leads.”

“I love how she is able to form great relationships and treats people with respect. So many protagonists these days have relationship issues… it has become a boring trope. Rachel stands out from the crowd and is her own woman!”

What readers are saying about the Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe Mysteries

“The plot, the descriptions, the scenes, the characters and their traits, top notch.”

“Love, love, loved this book.”

“I read it in two nights just couldn’t put it down.”

“Dawn Brookes has created a modern day Miss Marple.” 

“Marjorie is awesome but Marjorie and Edna together are hilarious. Add a sprinkling of Horace and Frederick and you have the ‘awesome foursome.’ 

“A bunch of seniors who rock.”

“Five stars for this book. It was wonderful.”

“A clean mystery series. As a fan of the Thursday Murder Club and Miss Marple, I’m loving this series…”