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Join the crew and passengers aboard the Coral Queen for another exciting adventure at sea!

A Rachel Prince MysteryKiller Cruise, book 3 in the Rachel Prince mystery series. Crew aboard the fictional Coral Queen find themselves stretched to the limit by the antics of a Queen tribute act, a troublesome stag party and a group of excitable female cheerleaders.

PC Rachel Prince, cruise ship sleuth is wondering if she will ever enjoy a peaceful voyage when an unpopular man dies under suspicious circumstances.

After agreeing to accompany Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe on a cruise around the Baltics, Rachel and Marjorie find themselves surrounded by an array of suspicious characters with plenty of motive for killing the despised victim. The man’s death was unlikely to be an accident according to the chief of security, and Lady Snellthorpe is keen to test her sleuthing skills.

Sarah, cruise ship nurse and Rachel’s best friend is keen to keep Rachel out of harms way as is Chief Waverley but it’s a case of the irresistible force meets the immovable object when there’s a mystery to be solved. Spurred on by the incorrigible Marjorie who is keen to interfere, Waverley and Sarah find themselves out of their depth.

As the man appeared to have more enemies than friends, the mystery tests Rachel to the limit. She finds herself in danger as she tries to keep Lady Marjorie safe while solving the crime.

This book should come with a ‘can’t put down’ health warning! Editorial Review.

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Deadly Cruise, book 2 of the Rachel Prince Mysteries.

A Russian tour group, a dead body, and conflict in the medical centre. What more could you ask for in a second great adventure for Rachel Prince?

Chief of Security Jack Waverley is keen to keep Rachel out of any investigation but reluctantly needs to pick her brains.

Will Rachel ever have a relaxing cruise holiday?

Your guess is as good as mine!

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What readers say about book 1

Kept me engaged from beginning to end. Good suspenseful read

Loved this book could not put it down loved the characters and not knowing what was going to happen next

Five well-earned stars to Dawn Brookes for a well-researched, well-written, very entertaining read

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If you love a murder mystery with plenty of red herrings, this debut novel by Dawn Brookes is just what you need.

A cruise should be the perfect remedy for Rachel Prince who has been ditched by the man she was engaged to marry!

That’s what her best friend, Sarah suggested when she invited Rachel to join her on the cruise ship where she works as a nurse. It would have been the ideal getaway if there wasn’t a potential murderer on the loose.

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New for Summer 2018

Gerry the One-Eared Cat: don’t let bullies get you down!

Dawn Brookes booksA children’s book following the struggles of a one-eared kitten who finds, as he grows up that the world is tough if you look different. Gerry is ostracised due to his appearance. The local cats alienate him and call him names. Gerry longs to find acceptance and be part of the crowd but he learns how to overcome bullying from an unlikely source. This entertaining story addresses issues of bullying and diversity.


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New for Spring 2018

Dawn Brookes

An enchanting story for lovers of A Very Hungry Caterpillar

Early one spring morning, Danny the caterpillar emerges from the safety of his egg. Danny soon discovers what it is like being a small caterpillar in a big world!
He makes new friends while sitting on his leaf and a particularly attractive female caterpillar catches his eye! Mostly though, he eats and eats. Amazing things will happen to him as he grows, but first he must stay safe.
A wonderful, feel good story of nature, ideal for springtime but children will enjoy it throughout the year.

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Bestselling Memoirs


Bestselling Memoir in both UK & USA

Dawn had no idea what she wanted to do with her life but a set of circumstances collide that see her attending an interview for nurse training in 1977. There follows what someone describes as a howling good read. The memoir follows the ups and downs of a trainee nurse during the 1970s. It is written with humour and candour but also a great deal of compassion.

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