Hello and welcome to my website. I’m Dawn Brookes, an award winning English novelist and memoirist living in Derby. I hold an MA in Creative Writing with distinction. I’m also founder of a local literature festival, plus The All Things Books Show on my YouTube channel.

I write most days and publish regularly. I’m passionate about being an author and encouraging others to achieve their creative ambitions whatever they may be.

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In Brief

Dawn Brookes is an award winning and occasional international bestselling author. Dawn was born in Nottingham and raised in Leicester, she moved south when she was twenty-two, living in London and Berkshire before returning to the Midlands where she now lives with the occasional rescue dog.

When not writing about her nursing years, cooking up murder plots or writing for children, Dawn spends time reading, listening to music, gardening, exploring with her godson, and walking. She also takes time out to cruise regularly. She holds an MA in Creative Writing with distinction.

“Award-Winning Author Dawn Brookes Brings Medical Expertise to Cozy Mysteries”

Dawn Brookes, the author behind the Rachel Prince Mystery series, is revolutionising the cozy mystery genre by infusing her stories with authentic medical knowledge gained from her 39-year nursing career.

Brookes seamlessly weaves her extensive medical background into her narratives, creating uniquely compelling and realistic plot lines. One protagonist, Rachel Prince, often encounters medical mysteries that require both investigative skills and healthcare insights to solve and that’s where her best friend Sarah Bradshaw comes in. Sarah is a cruise ship nurse and provides Rachel with the detail she needs to investigate.

“My years as a nurse, midwife, and community matron have given me a wealth of experiences to draw from,” Dawn explains. “I’ve seen firsthand how medical situations can quickly turn complex and even dangerous. I believe this knowledge adds an extra layer of authenticity to my mysteries.”

Readers and critics alike have praised Dawn’s ability to create intricate, medically-accurate plots without sacrificing the cozy atmosphere that fans of the genre love. Her latest book, “Toxic Cruise Cocktail,” showcases this talent as Rachel Prince investigates a mysterious poisoning on a luxury cruise ship.

Dawn has now added a humorous cozy mystery series featuring a feisty gang of octogenarians to her catalogue. The Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe Mysteries is being lapped up by Dawn’s growing fan base.

Dawn’s first book in the Carlos Jacobi series ‘Body in the Woods’ and her unique approach to writing earned her a gold medal award in Crime Fiction, cementing her place as a standout author in the genre. As she continues to blend her medical expertise with her storytelling prowess, Dawn Brookes is set to keep readers on the edge of their seats for many books to come.

Dawn is founder and director of Oakwood Publishing Ltd.

I believe there are no limits to what a person can achieve if they set their mind to it, no matter what background we are born into, we should not be restrained by boundaries. I was born into a working class background where there was no money and life was a daily struggle for my mother. In spite of this she did her best and taught us that the most important thing in life was to be honest and earn respect. She once told me that it takes a lifetime to develop a good name and only a moment to lose it. I have never forgotten this. I left school with hardly any qualifications but I was determined to make something of my life, if it hadn’t been nursing, it would have been something else. I don’t believe that your background dictates who you are. I hope that my memoirs demonstrate this. I hope to engage readers from every walk of life through my writing. Please enjoy – if you do, tell others, if not, tell me and I will work hard to improve.