Property Investment: Buy-to-Let Tax & Account Maintenance A Short Guide

Buy to let

If you want to find the detail of how the tax changes might affect you this is your ‘go to’ book

This short booklet details the tax changes and how they will be implemented over the next few years, it includes examples and calculations to help property investors and landlords prepare for the future.

After posting videos on my YouTube channel, many landlords have asked for more information around tax, expenses, capital gains and PPR exemptions. Rather than pointing them to my other investment book which might not be completely relevant to them, I have pulled out the appropriate chapter, added a few extra nuggets of information and updated it following the most recent budget.

This is for those who just want the information, it is not tax advice, there are other books out there that offer that. A snapshot of what this contains is:

    1. Keeping records
    2. Annual allowable expenses
    3. Tax relief on finance costs with examples of phased implementation
    4. Capital expenses & Capital Gains
    5. Principle Private Residence Exemptions (PPR)
    6. Corporations

The book provides invaluable information if you just want to catch up with what is happening in the buy-to-let tax world at present. It is an affordable taster.

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