A Christmas Cruise Murder

Rachel Prince is back…

Rachel’s plans to spend Christmas with her fiancé are in tatters after he is called to Italy at short notice.

Rather than spend Christmas with her parents at the vicarage she decides to take a last-minute Canary Island cruise. Sarah, cruise ship nurse and Rachel’s best friend is only too pleased to have her along as Sarah’s parents are taking their first cruise. With her mother keen for her to settle down she is glad of some moral support.

On the coach from Southampton, Rachel meets a miserable maître d. That evening the same maître d is found dead, seemingly a victim of a tragic accident. Rachel can’t resist snooping once she suspects an element of foul play. Was it a fatal accident or murder?

Chief security officer Jack Waverley finds himself confused and upset when his wife is implicated.

Suspects are not in short supply as secrets are uncovered providing opportunity and motive. The killer has an eye on Rachel.

Can she find out who is responsible before she ends up as another victim?

What readers say:

Oh another cruise with murder-magnet Rachel! I loved the story with the main mystery and a side-show too. Not to mention, the return of a beloved certain someone…. ah… great quick and cozy read! I am hoping to see an onboard wedding next book… right after the inevitable murder, of course. Love this series!!!!!

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Paperback ISBN: 9781913065041

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