Book 9 in the Rachel Prince Mystery now available.

There’s a saboteur on board the Coral Queen

A saboteur. A dead body. Rachel Prince risks all to track down a determined killer.

Cruise ship sleuth, Rachel Prince just wants to spend New Year’s Eve with her husband and the in-laws. But when she gets a call from the Coral Queen’s chief of security, Jack Waverley, she drops everything and flies to Italy. There, she parts from her husband and joins her favourite ship for a winter Mediterranean and Adriatic voyage.

Rachel discovers a crew under pressure. With Waverley threatening to lose control and a health and safety chief on the warpath, it’s hard to know what’s coming next. Not only is Waverley worried about what the saboteur will do next, he’s received a spate of personal threats.

When Rachel’s new boss is found dead it appears the saboteur has upped the ante. Buried beneath lies, suspects and conflicting evidence, Rachel struggles to unravel a complex web of deceit. As she works undercover, Rachel finds herself isolated and under attack.

Can the clever sleuth find out who is behind these unusual incidents before she too becomes a target?

Hazardous Cruise is the ninth book in the Rachel Prince Mystery series. If you like determined sleuths, clean murder mysteries and jaw dropping surprises, you’ll love Dawn Brookes’s latest offering.

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