Murder in the Caribbean…

Rachel once again joins the Coral Queen for a holiday of a lifetime with her octogenarian friend Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe and her parents.

One day into the voyage and a nun, who is part of an exclusive religious party, takes ill and dies. First thoughts are that the young woman has suffered an epileptic fit but it’s not long before the death is classed as suspicious.

The chief of security is flummoxed by the case and asks Rachel to assist as all is not what it seems within this religious order and the woman’s dying words are a cause for concern.

When the FBI board the cruise liner, Rachel is told to stay out of it. Will she listen? Marjorie is as keen as ever to do a little sleuthing of her own, can Rachel keep her friend safe while uncovering the mystery.

In the most dangerous challenge to date, Rachel must keep her wits about her to find out what is at stake and discover who is responsible for the nun’s murder.

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