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Spring & Seasonal Reading

Spring is Here!

Spring is probably my favourite season. As that first flower emerges, new life starts to appear after the winter when everything that lay dormant comes to life again! I always feel invigorated at this time of year, and renewed energy helps me focus on new ideas. I like to write ideas down as they come to me and have a notebook for this purpose.

Seasonal Stories

Some authors write seasonal books, not only to generate sales all year round, but also to capture the feeling of the season or month they are in.

Dawn Brookes

My plots continue all year round and are not intended to be seasonal. That said – quite by chance, I have written a couple of children’s books inspired by the seasons. Ava & Oliver’s Bonfire Night Adventure obviously centres around November 5th. I wrote that one as I’m not a fan of Halloween, and the traditional bonfire night appears to be waning. Ava & Oliver’s Christmas Nativity Adventure focusses on preparations for a church nativity play using real animals, I love that book! My favourite, because its based in my favourite season, is Danny the Caterpillar. Seasonal books for children not only sell books, they help children learn about nature and the traditions that we all cherish as part of our culture, and that’s why I think they’re important and there remains a place for them.

Spring Cruise for Rachel Prince!

My Rachel Prince mystery series is based on a cruise ship, and despite Rachel being able to travel the world through all the seasons, they are obviously holiday focussed. That doesn’t mean they can only be read on holiday, though. The latest book, Killer Cruise follows Rachel on a spring cruise – get the gist! It’s not my intention to make the books seasonal, but to some extent they will be set in different seasons. I will be writing a Christmas centred plot for later this year, that will be Book 5 in the series. Other than that, they are all year round reads – who wouldn’t want to escape on a cruise on dark winter nights?

What Next?


Nature will always inspire me, and as I have a bird camera box in my garden where a bluetit has just finished building her nest, I can’t help but think that I will have to write a story for children about bluetits! This is one idea I jot down in my future notebook as I’m currently working hard on the Rachel Prince Mystery series and starting a new Private Investigator series. I’m also trying to finish the third in my Hurry up Nurse series that readers have been patiently waiting for, and which is long overdue!

As you can see, like so many others, I’m busy being productive all year round, but it’s good to take a step back, breathe in fresh air and pause for a moment to appreciate the wonders that go on around us every day.

If you are interested in reading books relevant to the seasons, then Killer Cruise is available on preorder and will be released on 9thApril. Danny the Caterpillar is available on Amazon and can be ordered through bookstores. If you’re not a seasonal reader, grab any one of my books at anytime. I like to read historical fiction and this can be read at any time of year!