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New Year, New Decade

Reflections on 2019

With every New Year comes new optimism for what lies ahead, but first, I thought I’d look back at 2019.

In many ways the year in the UK was marred by a new type of toxic politics that did nothing to make us a proud nation. On top of that was and is a real concern about the impact that global warming is having on our planet. Whilst the first has had some sort of resolution, the second will remain a deep concern over the next decade and we can only hope that world leaders act soon and that we each do our bit to help turn the tide.

On a more relaxing note, I enjoyed a Baltic Cruise in August, taking a well-earned break from writing. I couldn’t resist doing a little bit of cruise research, though!

Now back to me and my life as an author! I had a productive 2019, releasing four books throughout the year:

April: Killer Cruise book 3 in the Rachel Prince Mysteries was launched

August saw the release of Dying to Cruise book 4 

November was celebrated as I finally fulfilled a promise for a final nurse training memoir. Hurry up Nurse 3: more adventures in the life of a student nurse

December completed a marathon year when A Christmas Cruise Murder book 5 in the Rachel Prince mystery series was released

In September, I started an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Derby and felt pretty exhausted by Christmas. Having recharged my batteries, it’s time to look forward to 2020.

Plans for 2020

Continue Writing

Rachel Prince Mysteries

Dawn Brookes, author

My main focus for the coming year will be to continue writing. I hope to publish three more Rachel Prince Mysteries throughout 2020. The next book, I am already working on, Murderous Cruise Habit will be released in March.

Children’s Books

With the environment in mind, and plastics in particular, I have just written a children’s book called Suki Seal and the Plastic Ring. This book is currently being illustrated and I hope to launch it towards the end of January.


I will be starting a vocational memoir of my district nursing years but can’t promise a 2020 release at this stage.


I start semester two of my MA towards the end of January so no doubt will be studying hard. I also hope that my writing will improve as a result of the MA, who knows?

Radio/YouTube Channel

I have been wanting to host a book-themed local radio programme for some time now and hope to be working with my local community radio station to achieve that goal. Until that happens, I will be spending more time developing my YouTube channel to focus on all things writing.


I will continue to make my work available in as many mediums as possible with more audiobooks to be released throughout 2020.

Dying to Cruise will be released in audiobook format in early January.

Audiobooks are expensive to produce as well as being time consuming. I realise that not everyone can read and that many people now prefer the audio medium so I am working with Alex Lee, narrator of the Rachel Prince Mystery series to produce audiobooks that coincide with book launches, rather than four months later. 

I intend to narrate my third memoir myself and will let readers know when this is available.

Foreign Rights

I will be looking into translation or sale of foreign rights of my Hurry up Nurse and Rachel Prince mystery series in 2020 as there are large parts of the world where English is not the first language. Initially, I will be thinking about German and Spanish.

Keeping in touch with readers

Readers of my books are the most important part of my growing business and if you’re one of them, I can’t thank you enough for supporting my work by buying my books and reviewing my work. I am especially grateful to beta readers who give their time to read and comment on early drafts.

I almost forgot! I adopted a rescue dog in December from the RSPCA. Molly has had a difficult life and comes with many issues but I’m pleased to say that she is responding to love and attention.

All that’s left for now is to wish you a very Happy New Year with health and happiness! May your dreams come true in 2020.