Travel Journal Asia 1982 Day 13

Monday June 28th 1982

We left Penang this morning, but we weren’t sorry. Although it was beautiful with golden beaches and plenty of sun, there was a dark side to the island always lurking beneath the surface. That said, our day on the beach yesterday helped us rest. It was perhaps good for us that Suzie and Bernard had decided to join us.

We got the ferry over to Butterworth where we decided to get a taxi up to Haadyai, rather than the bus. It was a four hour journey and there were no issues crossing the border into Thailand. On arrival in this dusty, run-down town, apparently famed for its nightlife, we were at a loss to why Suzie’s father would have recommended it to us! Bernie told us to checkin at the Oriental Hotel which we did. He’s going to be joining us tomorrow after taking Suzie back to Singapore. I’ve go ongoing gastro-enteritis so not feeling at my best.