Travel Journal Asia 1982 Day 14

Tuesday June 29th 1982 Haadyai, Thailand

I suffered the whole night with d&v, mostly vomiting so hardly had any sleep. J went outside and found a doctor’s surgery and came back to drag me there. I was feeling so weak, all I wanted to do was lie down, but we walked – rather staggered – to the place. We arrived at a rundown concrete hut packed with people. The people in there looked really sick but the doctor saw me straight away. It made me want to cry, I felt so guilty but I also felt really ill. The doctor was Chinese, pleasant and spoke good English. He handed me three lots of tablets, one an anti-emetic, the other was an iodine compound and I have no idea what the third was.

After staggering back to the hotel room, J went to buy me some bottled water. I stayed in bed the whole day and J met Bernie. I think they went out for dinner but I could have been hallucinating!

It’s not fair on Haadyai as I didn’t pick up the bug here, but I hate the place.